Review: Midnight Enchantment by Nancy Gideon

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A good friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful author. Every book I've read by Nancy Gideon has been purely delicious. She has a way with words that turns them into melting chocolate and you're drawn into the emotions and story immediately. The author is re-releasing her Midnight series, and I love her new covers. I got my hands on her fourth book, Midnight Enchantment and devoured every word of this awesome novel.

Series: Midnight, #4 
My Rating: 5 's
Genre: Paranormal Romance

I have been curious about the vampire Gerard since we first met him. He was wicked, staying with an evil woman Bianca, but from the beginning it was always clear that Gerard wasn't the evil creature that Bianca was, that there was something still good and human in him. So I was super excited to read his story, and I wasn't disappointed.

Gerard is essentially blackmailed into marrying Laure by her stepbrother Percy, who is a despicable human being. Gerard believes that Laure is in on the scheme, so he isn't exactly kind in the beginning, but  he's never violent or cruel either. Once he realizes that Laure is in the dark about his nature, things begin to change between them. But Laure has secrets of her own, and even though she has fallen in love with her husband, she is afraid what she is hiding will sever the delicate threads of their relationship.

I was surprised when Laure decided to try and use magic to change Gerard's past. I wasn't expecting her voodoo heritage to pay such a large part in the novel, but it was certainly an interesting twist in the story, and while things don't exactly go according to plan, it did give Gerard and Laure the distance they needed from Percy and Laure's evil aunt that they needed to review their feelings, to contemplate love and eternity and how they might come out of the danger unharmed. I liked that Gerard is forced to recognize his feelings because he's lived too long denying that there is anything like a soul left in him. I think there is, and Laure stirs in him the more human feelings that Gerard has spent four hundred years ignoring. I liked that Marchand echoes Laure's sentiments about love and life, and that he helps Gerard realize his own feelings. It made me smile, since these two have never exactly gotten along.

Laure was a character that I enjoyed reading. She was soft and yet had such inner strength. She was willing to do anything for those she loved, even at the cost of her own happiness, which isn't something many of us are willing to do. Her sacrifice for Gerard especially moved me because it was done without any hesitation on her part. Her happily ever after was hard won and I loved that she was able to so entirely enchant Gerard.

A purely devastating read, if you enjoy vampires or historicals or both, I'd highly recommend you try this series by Nancy Gidoen.

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