Review: Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep

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The Elemental Assassin series has yet to let me down. Every book is action packed, and in every book the relationships become more complex and are such fun to read about. A lot about this series resonates with me, even as it challenges me.

Series: Elemental Assassin, #8
My Rating:  5 's
Genre: Urban Fantasy

In the last novel, Gin was faced with a deadly and diabolical enemy, Selena. Selena was also the woman Owen, Gin's lover, once loved, and Gin had to make some hard choices when it came to Selena. She let her live when it was dangerous to, and she killed her knowing that it could destroy her relationship with Owen. Deadly Sting was too quick paced and too action packed for Gin and Owen to deal much with the fall out of those actions, but there was some progress when it came to them dealing with their feelings and how to move forward. Some, but not much. I'm still not sure if these two will continue as a couple, but I am hopeful.

Gin spent most of this book sneaking around and killing baddies who had her family and friends (as well as a ton of other rich folks) hostage. She eventually saves the day and being an intelligent and patient little spider, she nabs the brains of the operation well as the lackeys. I can't say how gripping this novel was. It was great to listen to while I had chores to attend to because I wasn't for a single instant bored! There was always something happening, and if wasn't a action scene it was Gin using her head to figure out what the goons were up to. I loved it!

I felt for Gin in this novel. A lot of her old insecurities were evident due to the shaky nature of her relationship with Owen. And she did a lot of soul searching while she was sneaking around being assassin like or shopping with Finn, and while perhaps she takes a little too much lying down when it comes to Owen, I do understand where she's coming from. She's not a cold hearted killer. But she is a killer of necessity and it makes her life hard, makes her relationships tenuous and even dangerous, emotionally speaking. I want to be angry at Owen for not dealing with certain things, for not standing by Gin, and yet, I can't be. Maybe it's because Gin herself can't be; but being a good woman with emotions that run deep, being so naturally loyal and yet always doingwhat needs do even if it's ugly places Gin in a position that forces her to step back and think about how awful it must be for those around her, that care about her, to be in her life. They might agree on a logical level with what needs doing, but emotionally I think most people would reject it and find it hard to deal with their conflicting points of view and feelings. So I applaud Gin for being so patient with Owen, even if I do at times want to slap him for being so conflicted.

A riveting read that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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