Review: Sting by Sandra Brown

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Sandra Brown always proves to be entertaining reading and her novels are more meaty than some, so she's becoming my go to for when I want something solid to read. I picked up Sting recently and was not sure what to expect, I had heard lots of great things but I find that sometimes I don't like (as much) novels that everyone else does but this proved an interesting read.

My Rating: 3.5 ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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First of all, I was dumbfounded by how the novel was unfolding. The plot made sense, don't get me wrong but I kept wondering who the hero was. And where he was. I was sitting thinking, am I missing something? Is the hitman/kidnapper actually the hero? I'm supposed to buy this? Because in romancelandia, that doesn't fly. At least, not for this reader. I know Sandra Brown has a thing for the anti-hero but still, I didn't get where she was going with Shaw.

But, our famed author had a twist up her sleeve, as always, which caused me to breath a huge sigh of relief. And that was when the novel really started resonating with me. In hindsight, I should have picked on her twist, but while my mind did go there once or twice, I never really figured that bit out. Enough said here I think, I would hate to spoil things for you dear readers.

I ended up enjoying the novel. The sizzle between the main characters is ever present, but I have to say, a bit too Neanerthal for my tastes. I have been finding I don't like the portrayal of certain alpha males lately,  some of them come off as sexist and have been rubbing me the wrong way. I liked the hero mostly, but I didn't really connect with him and he failed to give me even a tiny le sigh feeling.

I think most fans will love this novel, but for me, while it was certainly was entertaining, I think I was thrown by too many little things that got under my skin to really love this book. And the ending didn't excite me, though I believe many readers will be surprised by the baddies and their actions. To me, it simply followed a natural pattern of behaviour so I wasn't especially gripped by the resolution. However, while this novel wasn't a favourite of mine, I do recommend you give it a try because I'm sure most fans of the genre will enjoy the story and style of writing, not to mention, the engaging plot.

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