What's the Scoop??? New Projects

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It's been an interesting April for me, and I think I need to say sorry for not getting up more posts of late. Like I said, it was an interesting month.

For me, it was a long winter. And, although it is spring, it's still chilly. Winter is beautiful with the falling snow, and ice crystals forming on tree branches but for me it's tiring. Not because I don't like winter because I do, but because the days are so short. My body seems to want to hibernate but I do have to carry on with real life. Anyway, I did start to feel better once the days started getting a bit longer sometime back in March, and I decided it was time to tackle a new project, one I'd been thinking about for a while. So I did. It's taken up some reading time, but I think it's finally under control.

What new project you ask? Well, if you've been poking around my blog at all, you'll have noticed I love crochet. It's a huge passion of mine, like reading. And last summer I started a crochet blog. I decided to move that blog over to a Wordpress blog and the learning curve is steep and I'm still swinging around on it. So, Pretty In Crochet has moved to a new home. Which is perfect because that blog showcases another way in which I love to create and another side of me. I hope you'll visit the blog as crochet has helped soothe my mind after a busy, hectic day and has healing many who suffer from depression or chronic pain. It might just been a new project for you!

I'll be back with a review soon!

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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