Feature Favourite: The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

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You've probably read my reviews on the amazing Graveyard Queen series by Amanda Stevens.  I adored each of these books, and each ranked a 5 star rating for me. They were just that good. It's rare to come across a series so well done, so I absolutely had to feature the first of the series, The Restorer as a  Feature Favourite.

Title: The Restorer
Series: The Graveyard Queen
Author: Amanda Stevens

The Novel: What was absolutely wonderful this novel for me was the writing. It was so well crafted that you are drawn into a world that is eerie, and vivid. The novel is both lyrical and haunting and the story is one that mesmerizes. I suppose what is so fascinating about this novel, and the series as a whole is the element of haunting. As in being haunted by ghosts. Ghosts and spirits are something in which many believe, and although many might laugh at the notion of spirits, there is always the question of what if ? And this is for me what is so captivating about the series, the element of possibility that makes this novel, and those that follow, chilling.

The Author: Born and raised in the rural south, it makes sense to me why Amanda Stevens chose to set her Graveyard Queen series in Charleston, South Carolina. She now resides in Houston, Texas. Ms. Stevens is an award winning author, including three Rita awards and has written over fifty books. She writes romance, mystery and young adult novels. I've read several other novels by the author and each has been riveting.

I cannot recommend this series enough. It's my all time fav. Not one book let me down, and they just kept getting better and better.

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