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It's been a while since I've read a novel by Michelle Moran, and I have to say, she does not disappoint in her ability to bring historical settings and people to life. I do not know much about the history of India, and much of their customs and traditions I know only through television or conversations with people from that land. Reading this novel was most enlightening.

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As many of my readers know, I adore novel setting somewhere in the pages of history. Whether it's a novel like Ms. Moran that seeks to tell history through fiction, or a romance set in the past, I just love the romance if you will of historical settings. Rebel Queen helped India to life for me. I hadn't known that women could train to become part of the queen's guard or even that India had queens and kings. I am curious to learn more about this.

The character of Sita is compelling because she is a very modern in her way. Nearly sold by her grandmother after the death of her mother, Sita's father decides that she should be well educated and trained to become part of the guard of Queen Lakshmi. Her ambition is fueled by the need to gain money to fund her sister's dowry, and Sita is successful, winning not only a place among the queen's all female army, but the respect of the queen herself.

Politics do not play a huge of the novel, but it does bring the novel to it's climax and eventual end, and Sita does have to aware of who her enemies are and who her friends are. But overall, the novel was more about Sita and her journey to become part of this elite world, her life as a part the court and then the eventual rebellion which brings the novel to it's close. Sita is a compelling character who leads an interesting life and through her we learn something of Indian values and points of view--on sexuality, on modesty, and manners. The novel is easy to read and is well paced so that you are always engaged in the story.

I did enjoy this novel, and find that Michelle Moran generally tells a cohesive tale in an intriguing chapter of history.

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