What's the Scoop??? Changing Tastes

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Howdy all! I'm  here today to reassure you I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am still kicking around. But you will have noticed I have not been reviewing books as much lately.

I had a busy summer. And I've had a busy fall. I also run two blogs now, so I am busy. But that's no excuse for not keeping up with my reviews. But the thing is I realize that I have a problem when it comes to my reading life of late. I still love to read, but my tastes have changed. I have always enjoyed romances and I've been returning to reading other genres and sampling new sub genres in romance. But these past few months, I've almost meh about a lot of the books that I've been reading. So I'm literally in the middle of several books and not all that interested in them. I think for some of them I was expecting an entirely different kind of read so now I am disillusioned by what the novel actually is, if you follow. Still, I'm curious enough to want to finish the books but I'm taking it at a slower pace. And having several on the go like this means that I'm not getting any of them read quick, especially when things have been so hectic lately.

Also, I haven't been able to read as many audios because I've been unlucky with my local Overdrive library! It's been a real thrown in my side, let me tell you! So my changing reading tastes are messy with me, as are my own time management skills and my lack of audio reading. And really, all I want is a great read! I've never had such a hard time finding a book to suck me in as I have lately.

So I've decided to return my favourite romance genre for a while, historical romance. This is a genre that rarely disappoints me so it's a safe bet I'll be speeding through the reads soon. As soon as I finish up some ARCs from Netgalley, I'm going to get back into the groove by bingeing on my sub genre of choice. I can't wait!

What's up next on the blog? I am going to finish reading and review a great romantic suspense soon. Hello Again is the second novel in this gripping series by Brenda Novak.

I'm really loving this read and cannot wait to share a review with you. Stay tuned as My Devastating Reads will soon be back into the swing of things! For those of you who love romantic supense, I do have some I'll be finishing up and reviewing soon along side Hello Again, so keep your eyes peeled for those as well. 

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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