What's the Scoop??? And a Happy New Reading Year

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Happy 2018 dear readers! And thank you for tuning into My Devastating Reads. I know I have not been around much to share book reviews with you. My life this past year, and especially the last six months has been full of stresses unexpected surprises and change. My focus has shifted a lot, but and that affected this blog. And that really bugged me. I made resolution after resolution to do better. but I think I still didn't give this blog, which is my baby, my first blog, the attention it needed. That is going to change.

2018 is going to be a blast. Everyone says that about new year; each new year is filled with hope and promise. But I have settled into a new lifestyle, new job, and I am feeling fabulous. I feel ready to make a plan and so I've made a plan. Being not much of a plan maker, this is a big deal for me. My plan is this. I have always wanted this blog to succeed. It doesn't have to have ten of thousands of followers, but I have always wanted it to be appreciated by readers who find romance and reading meaningful, even at times devastating. Reading has changed the way I think, has made me more empathetic and open minded and allowed me to delve into worlds and peoples I would otherwise have no connection with, and so reading will always be my passion. I have other passions now, and my blog Pretty In Crochet is one of them. Setting up that blog, crocheting pieces, polishing it's look has been a labour of love just as My Devastating Reads has been. I am so glad to have both of these forums to share my passion for creativity with you.

But I acknowledge that this blog has suffered in the midst not only of the changes and anguishes of the past year, but also because Pretty In Crochet needed the attention of every newborn blog. However, now in 2018 I hope both blogs will run smoothly thanks to my plan. My plan for 2018 here at My Devastating Reads to post a book review at least once a month. That's all I have been able to manage for a while, so it seems a good place to start. But, I will be featuring other posts as well throughout the month and hope you find those fun and informative. Many will be familiar, one or two will be new.

Happy new year dear readers! My next post will be a book review so stayed tuned!

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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