Review: To Whisper Her Name by Tamara Alexander

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Ages ago I added this book to my TBR pile and recently I borrowed an audiobook copy of it and began reading. I have to say, I wasn't sure what to make of this book at first. It started off as you might expect in the romance genre; girl is in distress, boy stops to offer assistance. But this rather obvious chance meeting did not take off from there the way you might expect at all.

Series: Belle Meade Plantation #1
My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance 
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I thought this romance might sizzle considering the way the hero and heroine meet, but the heroine Olivia is prim and proper and not interested in romance due to her violent  marriage to a brute of a man. Which is completely understandable. Outcast due to her husband being a traitor to the South, Olivia is now dependent on the kindness of a family friend for a home and work. This is an arrangement however, she knows cannot last long and it looks as though  against her wishes, a marriage will be arranged for her. Meanwhile, our hero Ridley is learning everything he can from a former slave on the plantation, Uncle Bob, so that he can open his own horse ranch out in Colorado.

So far, this does not a romance make and I will admit, I was seriously considering not finishing this book because I simply felt the story wasn't going anywhere. But, then Olivia and Ridley began interacting a little more, and the attraction between them began to heat up so I became more invested in the story.

I'm glad I finished this book. It really touches upon some important issues such as the education of the former slaves, and the rights and freedoms of peoples in my opinion. As the novel develops Olivia's independent nature becomes more apparent and I really admired her character. I thought she was exactly the sort of woman who could build a life on the frontier. I loved that the author painted Olivia as a woman willing to stand up for what she thought was right, for what she loved and I loved seeing Olivia grow from a woman who was prim and proper and therefore, quiet and meek, into one who was strong and more willing to assert herself.

Because the novel is very character driven, this is a book with a lot of meat to chew on, and the romance is one that is built over time coming to fruition in a sweet happily ever after. You won't get any scenes that steam up the windows in this novel but I thought the romance beautifully developed and didn't miss it one little bit.

A bit of a longer read, it really is worth it and I would recommend this novel for any lover of history and romance. I have to say the narrator did an incredible job, each character had their own distinct voice and listening to this was very enjoyable. My hats off to both author and narrator.

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