Review: A Royal World Apart by Maisey Yates

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Recently I felt the need for a good stand alone romance, so I decided to read a Harlequin presents novel that I had heard good things about. Here's my review.

Summary from Goodreads

Paperback, 256 pages
Published November 13th 2012 
by Harlequin (first published July 1st 2012)
ISBN 0373238762 (ISBN13: 9780373238767)
When duty wars with desire, which one wins?With her life mapped out since birth, Princess Evangelina Drakos—known for her dramatic flair—hopes the minor scandal she plans to create will deter potential suitors.

Hired for Eva's security, unemotional bodyguard Makhail Nabatov nevermakes a mistake, but the impulsive princess pushes his resolve to the limits. It's not long, however, before the beautiful and imprisoned Eva entices him to leave his bonds of duty and honor behind.

While their chemistry reaches fever pitch, Makhail knows he knows he must deny his desire—for Eva is promised to another man….


I have to say, I adored Maisey Yates' style. Without using a lot of words, she drew a story of great depth and emotion. I loved how even her short sentences, some of them fragments, conveyed very telling emotions about both Eva and Mak and how they viewed themselves, each other and the situation they were in. Every scene was rich with poignant emotion, and I truly enjoyed every word I read.

From the beginning, I was drawn in by the characters and story. Eva's a princess who has no control over her own life. Everything from her underwear to her fiancee are chosen for her, and at barely twenty-one, she's being forced into a marriage for reasons other than love. Eva feels controlled and powerless, and she acts out in the only way she knows how--by acting out. She's a princess who slips past her security guards for a night of fun. Makhail calls her spoiled, and while I never really agreed with that assessment, it's not really an unfair one. She does have everything after all. Except for real, honest relationships. And for a woman who's all emotion, that's the worst thing for her not to have. I really connected with Eva because she was a wonderfully emotional character, also an intelligent and strong character.

Makhail is her security guard. I thought of him as an alpha male--controlled, cold, intelligent and downright sexy. Since her father has basically placed Eva on house arrest since her choices have been drawing scandalous media attention to the royal family, Mak considers himself honour bound to make sure she doesn't sneak off or get into trouble, to protect her even from herself since Eva is hell bent on stirring up scandal. But Mak proved to be a character of far greater depth than your typical alpha male. I loved how loyal and true his character was to his now deceased wife, Marina. I loved that for him, desire was both a physical and emotional need. I loved that Eva was able to crack him just enough at the beginning to make him want to give her a little bit of happiness--a day of shopping, a trip to the beach. Small, unimportant gestures really. But looking back, I think his control, his disconnectedness from love and happiness, began to slip there, when he offered her a day at the beach.

Both Mak and Eva have choices to make in this novel. Mak can chose to walk away, or be with Eva. His head says to go, his heart says to stay. He's used to listening to his head. It's made him into who is he, and he thinks Eva deserves than a man who can only take from her. Which is his head trying to talk his heart of what he really wants: Eva. And Eva can chose to marry a man she doesn't love for duty, for her country, to please her father. Or she can chose to grow up. To really stand up for herself. Choices, these are very important in life. And I love the choices Mak and Eva make. Those choices made this HEA just beautiful. Although I have to say, I was sad to see the novel end. I wanted more of this great couple!

5 glittering stars

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