Review: Seduce me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

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Paperback360 pages
Published September 30th 2008 
by St. Martin's Paperbacks

He has tried hard to forget her.

Kev Merripen has longed for the beautiful, well-bred Winnifred Hathaway ever since her family rescued him from the brink of death when he was just a boy. But this handsome Gypsy is a man of mysterious origins—and he fears that the darkness of his past could crush delicate, luminous Win. So Kev refuses to submit to temptation…and before long Win is torn from him by a devastating twist of fate.

Can she remember the man he once was?

Then, Win returns to England…only to find that Kev has hardened into a man who will deny love at all costs. Meantime, an attractive, seductive suitor has set his sights on Win. It’s now or never for Kev to make his move. But first, he must confront a dangerous secret about his destiny—or risk losing the only woman he has lived for…

My Thoughts

I'm a big fan of Lisa Kleypas. So much so that even though she has plenty out that I haven't read, that I space out her novels a bit because I'm afraid of running out of her glorious books. She's yet to produce one I was disappointed in.

Kev: What a stubborn man. Usually I find this endearing. In this case, I wanted to shake Kev. I wanted to yell at him. I wanted to flounce off after some scathing tirade so that my frustration was vent. Honestly, he had hang ups that to me didn't really make a lot of sense--I understood where he was coming from, considering his childhood. And I was glad after Leo let him have it that Kev comes to his senses regarding letting Win marry Dr. Harrow. But geez, for a while there I thought there was no hope because he's so darn stubborn. And yet, there is a layer of vulnerability so deep inside him that I also found his character compellingly engaging. He loves Win with a passion so deep that it's almost hard to see it. And I think that is what is so wonderful about him. Win is his everything. Literally.

Inside cover

Win: I may not have gotten to flounce off after a tirade that left Kev's ears burning, but Win certainly does take her life into her own hands and leaves him burning in a lot of other ways. I really liked her gentle, yet extraordinary determined character. She was no nonsense, but all heart too which I found a happy marriage of traits. I loved how even when she was really angry at Kev, that she still couldn't pretend to herself that it was over between them. Or that she wanted it to be. She was determined to move on with life if Kev wasn't willing to make a life with her, but she knew for her that Kev would always be the one. And my favourite part was when Kev kidnapped Win, Romany style, to "ravish" her and Win thought, finally. I was pretty darn relieved myself!

Overall, a delicious read. Full of beautifully turned emotion, laugh out loud moments and with a healthy sprinkling of le sigh. 

4 glittering stars

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