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I've been waiting for this novel for a while now. And it's hard to wait on a book for a year when you're just dying to read it. But I survived the wait, and read the final book in this series and can honestly say that this series as a whole is just beautiful.

Series: Irin Chronicles, #3
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Genre: Paranormal Romance

Malachi and Ava have to re-learn each other. Malachi doesn't have his memories from before, and Ava is afraid of her powers, afraid of the darkness she feels is inside her. A power that helps Malachi regain his memories and become the man we knew again. I loved that the loss they had both suffered was able to somehow bring them closer together. Such twists of fate are rare indeed, and I found it touching that they made each other whole again in such an unexpected way. Both of these characters seemed to grow and become so much more than they were, and they were already strong and fierce. But Ava fights to discover the truth about her heritage, and Malachi seems to gain a greater perspective and daring than he had before his death, These characters are alive and vital, and wonderful to read. I love it when characters are brought to life so powerfully.
Book 1 in the trilogy

I was glad to see the Irin society being transformed. The Irina returning and re-taking their place was great to see, and will definitely revitalize the society. The Irin world is reborn, especially when we find out about Ava's biology. She really didn't need to fear the darkness. There was a lesson there, that even the fallen can rise again, and I thought it was wonderfully woven into the storyline. I have to wonder about the future of the Grigori now that so much has been revealed about them.

This series was hauntingly beautiful, eloquently told and very original. Each book was just pure reading pleasure, and this last book ended the series on a note of beauty and hope. This is a series I plan to read again and again. You can't go wrong with the Irin Chronicles.

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Wkonsunshine said...

Great review, Jewels. I especially like your comment: "these characters are alive and vital". Perfect.

Jewels E said...

Thanks! You enjoyed the book I think?