What's the Scoop??? Book Boyfriends

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So, we all have them. Book boyfriends. I have an entire page on the blog devoted to my imaginary boyfriends.

Why do we fall in love with characters in books? This is a question I've often given thought to. What draws me so much to a character--all right, hero in a romance--that I get all mushy and declare that I adore him and love him? After all, he's imaginary. Would we want this guy in real life? What's the attraction?

Maybe the attraction is that he's not real. Who cares whether or not this is a man you'd date in real life? He's not real so it's a moot point. He's a fantasy. And a healthy dose of fantasy, is after all, psychologically speaking, healthy. But it does bring me back to the question, why that character? Is it because he says the most romantic things? You know, the stuff you'd want to hear in real life? Is it that he's broken and yet, so sensitive and intelligent and thoughtful? These are the book boyfriends you just want to shield from the world in your loving embrace. Is it possibly because he's one of those characters that proclaims his undying and unconditional love for the heroine and is utterly devoted?

It's probably a bit of all of those things. Which is why we keep coming back for more. Wrap it all up in a hot package, and well, imaginations tend to soar. Wildly. Soon we're swooning on a cloud in romancelandia.

I mean, look at these ladies, and tell me you don't relate. The following images are not my own work.

Yup, a book boyfriend is found.

You know this happens about once a month.

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The most wonderful thing about book boyfriends? They never change. They're perfect. You'll probably love them forever. And you can read that love story again and again. It's not silly or immature, it's just engaging in a healthy fantasy life. After all, if Mr. Darcy is one of your imaginary book boyfriends, no one would ever dare to call you silly. So indulge, and find yourself a fiftth or sixth book boyfriend today.  

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