Review: Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas

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This novel was wonderful. I think I will always say, no one does it quite like Lisa Kleypas. There's just something about each of her books that I find magical. And that's what I love most about this series, the bit of magic she weaves into every plot to bring the couple together. And I think Alex's story was the most beautifully done of the series so far.

Series: Friday Harbor, #3
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Alex is like his brothers, totally not interested in a relationship. He actually married his ex-wife Darcy knowing that she was totally wrong for him, and that's exactly why he married her. Talk about twisted up. Like his brothers, he thinks his childhood scarred him too much, taught him that love isn't real and so shies away in a hard, cold way from those who would and do love him. It's very sad. But the instant he meets Zoe, he knows he's on his way to losing his heart to her, and despite his best efforts not to fall in love with her, he simply can't help himself.

I loved how the ghost helped Alex. I loved how the ghost's storyline was so connected to Alex and Zoe's and how through him Alex learned what it really was to love, and that love really is the only thing that matters. The two plots are so interwoven that they are seamless and each is essential to the happy resolution of the other. Brilliantly done in my opinion.

Zoe and Alex are in a sense, total opposites. Zoe is kind and believes in happily in ever afters and true love. Alex is anything but a romantic. And yet, with Zoe he becomes softer, more vital in a sense and I loved that she brought that out about him because I never really saw him as a cynical hardass, but instead as someone who desperately needed love, and Zoe provides that without being smothering or insistent. Her gentle way of doing things really reels in Alex and lets him slowly open up and I adored seeing him come to realize he wasn't as lost and ruined as he thought it was.

Beautiful story, lyrical storytelling, and the magic in this novel will carry you away into a fated happily ever after.

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