Review: Raising Kane by Lorelei James

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I have returned to a favourite series of mine, Rough Riders and I have only a few novels to read before I am completed this sexy series. Raising Kane is about bad boy Kane McKay, Kade's twin brother. I adored Kade, but Kane is very different. His sweetness is more subtle however, and he is a very winning character in this novel.

Series: Rough Riders, #9
My Rating: 3 's
Genre: Erotic Romance

Kane McKay feels a little left behind by the members of his family who are of a similar age. They have all grown up and settled down while Kane is still single and fancy free. But his playboy days are over and he has picked up the slack working hard on the ranch now that his brother and cousins have children and less time on their hands. He's even joined a Big Buddies/Little Buddies program and is mentoring young boys without fathers.

He's also been lusting after the mother of one of those boys. And Ginger has been longing for Kane as well. These two are brought together by an accident which leaves Ginger with a hurt arm and leg. Kane temporarily moves in and takes care of her, her son Hayden and her wheelchair bound father. Being brought into close quarters steams things up between Ginger and Kane and soon these two are incapable of keeping their hands off of each other.

This is a common set up for this genre, which might be why I didn't entirely buy into the romance between Kane and Ginger. Their story was sweet and sexy by turns, and I liked both the hero and heroine, but I wasn't fully invested in them as a couple. The story was  believable in its way, but it wasn't as heart wrenching as others in this series. While this book didn't entirely do it for me, it was still a sweet romance with a lot of steam and featuring another hot McKay so it's definitely worth the read and especially good if you are in the mood for something on the lighter side.

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