Review: Worth it All by Claudia Connor

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I think it was only last year that I started the McKinney Brothers series by Claudia Connor. I was blown away. The first book was sooo good. It was utterly devastating and the second book moved me and I fell in love with the author's awesome talent and novels. And finally, the third book in the series was released after a long wait for this blogger, and I was quick to snatch it up with a one click. Cuz that's book love

Series: The McKinney Brothers, #3
My Rating: 3 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance

It's been a while since I read a novel from this series, but I was super excited to get my hands on this. The cover is hot and the previous two books made me cry and wrenched my  heart in beautiful ways. This third book was heartwarming, but did not sweep me away as the first two had. The hero, JT is very sweet and the heroine is sweet and together they make a great couple, but I didn't feel as much as a sizzle this time around, and although JT has been through a lot, and doubted whether he was worthy of all the things he begins to long for with Paie, I thought I would experience it more rawly as I had in the first two novels.

That's not to say that this wasn't a great read, because it was certainly very good. The plot was well developed and I liked both JT and Paige. JT reaches out to Paige because he's compelled to not only because of his attraction to her, but because her daughter has a similar disability to his own, and he wants to help. Of course, it's hard to keep things professional because he honestly cares and worries about Paige who is trying to build a future for herself and her daughter. She works too hard and this worries JT and he finds himself taking care of her, falling for her and Paige can't help but fall for JT.

I won't get into the "hitch"of the romance, I knew it was only a hitch and very temporary and anyway, by the time it came around, I knew that this couple was too solid for the hitch to really get in the way of love. I think I expected these characters to have more demons, or to have larger obstacles so the romance didn't sweep me away but it certainly made for a charming, sweet read. I can't complain about a book with great characters, polished writing and a sweet romance. I'm curious to see what Claudia Connor will bring us next.

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