Review: Hello Again by Brenda Novak

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Who doesn't love a good RS novel? It's not for everyone, but I've really gotten into this genre. This series so far has proven interesting, and the second novel has brought danger much closer to Evelyn than she ever has been in so far in the series.

Series: The Evelyn Talbot Chronicles 
My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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This novel focuses largely on Evelyn's interactions with a criminal at Hanover House, Lyman Bishop. Although he is guilty of heinous crimes and is an above average intelligent psychopath, he nearly convinces Evelyn of his innocence,. He is also going to be released due to tampering with the investigation of his crimes.

The novel also largely focuses on Jasper, who is plotting to get a position as a CO at Hanover House. That idea is chilling, but so is Jasper's actions in this novel. He is truly remorseless and I still hate him, but I found him less engaging in his novel. He came across as immature and cocky instead of as the slick killer who was always evading capture.

Even Evelyn wasn't as compelling a character as I'd found to her be in the past. A lot of her conversations felt scripted, and even repetitive. She somehow didn't seem as interesting or sympathetic as I'd found her to be in the past. And some of her romantic decisions seemed questionable as well.

I've become a big fan of Forensic Files these past few months, and I'm wondering if that is colouring my perception of the book. I'm very skeptical by the fact that Jasper has never been linked or even suspected of any of the crimes he's committed since high school. The tiniest thing can link a person to a crime scene and I can't believe he's never left fibers, DNA or something behind on a body or in his car that would link him to a victim. Perhaps that's why this novel was not as gripping for me as others; I just don't buy into Jasper being so intelligent and capable and lucky as to evade police for so long.

For me, there was too much that far fetched to give this novel a five stat rating. But I am very interested in finding out what will happen next in this series now that Jasper is so close to Evelyn.

A copy of the novel was provided to me from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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