Review: My American Duchess by Eloisa James

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My my, this book is one not to be missed! Funny, well paced and sizzling this read swept me away and I enjoyed everything about the novel. It was really a devastating read from the first page to the last.

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Genre: Historical Romance 
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I haven't read much by this author, but I must say this novel blew me away. I'll have to keep my eye out for Cedric's story, as the author hinted his own romance might be told. My American Duchess was witty, romantic, a novel of misunderstandings in its way, and I loved the characters. When authors take the time to fully develop characters, I always appreciate them and the story so much more.

Mary was a funny character, always in and out of love and outspoken. I loved to laugh with her and at her as her antics provide many moments of hilarity. Yet, she is kind and honest and perhaps that is why I found her so utterly endearing. That is likely why the duke found her irresistible as well. She speaks from the heart. For a man used the ton, where everyone stands on ceremony, she was a refreshing change, and since Trent was not a man who fully appreciated the falseness of London society, one who it was easy to fall in love with, as does Trent immediately.

The only hitch in this romance is the fact that Mary is engaged to Trent's twin brother, Cedric. And even though Mary quickly realizes she is not in love with him, she refuses (at first) to break the engagement because she already has two broken engagements in America. And Cedric isn't a man to let go of Mary's fortune so easily once she does make up her mind not to marry him.

I won't say how Trent and Mary end up happily ever after, but they do. There are certain bumps along the way, such as the fact that Trent doesn't believe in romantic love. But, what I will say is watching them grow together as a couple will sweep you off your feet at times, while at other times it'll knock your socks off because these two really know how to heat things up.

A lively read, this novel is sure to please all fans of historical romance.

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