Review: Envy by Sandra Brown

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I hadn't dove into a Sandra Brown novel in a while, and it was a real treat to get back to this great suspense author. I think Envy ranks among my favourites of titles from Sandra Brown.

My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Envy opens up with a gripping scene of  boat accident, one that immediately drew me in. You later discover that this scene is one from a novel being read by the main character, Maris who is also the editor and daughter of a well respected publishing house owner. It was certainly an interesting way to start this novel, as it propels Maris into seeking out the author of the book.

Locating the author is something of a challenge, but one Maris overcomes and soon she is reading more of his novel. It is very interesting how the novel within the novel unfolds, and how interwoven both plots are. I think Sandra Brown really did a brilliant job in crafting Envy.

  Sandra Brown novels are always well paced and the characters are strongly portrayed. This combination never fails to find me engrossed in the plot so I can tell you, this book is a page turner. I immediately liked Maris, her appreciation of literature. I liked how even tempered she was, but how she was no push over. Both Noah, her no good husband, and Parker try and push her around but she doesn't let either of them. I like strong heroines.

Parker is the other character I really enjoyed. Rough around the edges, he does try and push Maris' buttons. Later in the novel I see there is a deeper seeded reason for this than is seen on the surface. It's not just apart of who Parker is, but part of his plot for revenge. And his revenge pivots around Maris.

I'm not sure how to say more without revealing too much of the plot, but I will say that this novel is worth the read. It's powerfully written and won't be a book I'll forget any time soon.

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