What's the Scoop??? Time Was A-Wasting...

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So I'm guessing you're wondering where I've been. I promised to blog more--I promised that to myself as blogging is important to me. I may not have much of a following, but I love sharing my love of books, and I really wanted to get back into the groove of reading and reviewing.

I still do. I swear. But I realized something as February and March and much of April marched past me. My time management skills...need improvement. I do work full time, but in the past, I had more time to read and blog and what not. Now, life is different now than it was then, but still...where do the hours in the day go? At first, I thought, well February and March just sucked. I had no energy, I was stressed...life was up and down you know? But I started to realize that as much as that was true that something else was happening. I was wasting time. So I started to think seriously about how I was using my time outside of work.

Now, some of my free time was being spent caring for and bonding with my budgies, which are new pets. I adore these birds. And it's taken some time to get them to come out of their cage and doing their birdie thing. And I'm still working on building trust between me and these birds. But caring for these small creatures was not taking up every minute of my free time. Neither were real life annoyances like cleaning, or being sick (which thankfully I have not been this winter) so I knew that my time was being wasted somewhere.

My time was being wasted somewhere in my life....

And I figured out that I had been sucked into a time waster that many people are sucked into...social media. 

Seriously, I was sitting there one day, scrolling through a repetitive and uninteresting Facebook feed and was struck by the fact that I was sitting in front of the TV, not watching really it, scrolling aimlessly through Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I use these platforms to connect with readers, to share my crochet or to learn more about budgies and even just to see what is going on in the lives of my friends that I don't see that often, but somehow social media had become an unproductive use of my time. I wasn't on these platforms to share anything, or for any real reason, I was just mindlessly scrolling through pictures and doing a whole lot of nothing for a heck of a long time.

So I am putting an end to that. I want to blog, so I am. I'm restructuring how I use my time. I'm putting my phone down. I still check out my feeds, but a lot less. Frankly, it took being bored by social media to realize that I was using it too much. And accomplishing nothing when I really wanted to doing things I love like reading, blogging, crocheting and spending time with my birds. I have time to do these things, but I really need to put down my phone.

I am back and I hope to bring you some book related posts soon.

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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