Review: Texas Splendor by Lorraine Heath

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Kindle Edition320 pages
Published November 9th 2010 
by HarperCollins e-books 
(first published January 1st 1999)

Five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit—that's how long Austin Leigh has waited to clear his name and return to his old life. But when he is finally released, that life is no longer waiting for him. Determined to find the real killer, Austin goes on a hunt for justice—and revenge. But what he finds is something quite different: Loree Grant, a woman with her own tragedies, whose strength scatters the shadows of his past—and whose beauty eclipses the Texas sun...

My Thoughts

I guess I first thought, "whoa, Becky didn't wait for Austin?" What a b*tch! But I quickly got over it, because Austin finds Loree. I absolutely loved their romance. Slow burn, vulnerable, this novel was delicious reading. And could have made wonderful Christmas reading too. So it was lucky I read it this month!! 

Austin: We've gotten to watch him grow from a boy into a man. And I think I love him best of all the brothers. Don't get me wrong. I'll always have a soft spot for Houston, but Austin just proved himself to be so wide open and giving that I couldn't help but fall in love with him. He and Loree come together to seek comfort because it's been years since they've endured anything but pain. Heartache brings two people together in odd ways at times. In this case, Loree and Austin find a love that is soul searing and lasting. Austin doesn't want Loree because he has nothing to offer her except a tarnished name. But when everything changes, Austin isn't sorry one bit. He needs Loree. And deep inside, he loves her and regrets how the first time drove them together and yet apart as well. 

Loree: I think she's my favourite of this trilogy's heroines. Gentle and kind, Loree is a bit broken but she wants everything for Austin. Because he's not a murderer. Loree knows that by his eyes, by his hands. She knows his heart has been broken, but what she can't really imagine is Austin loving her if he finds out about her past. And she'd do anything for Austin to have his good name back, so that he can play music again. I died inside when Loree realizes just how hurt he is to discover that Christmas traditions in his family have changed in his absence. How life has changed. And yet, he promises her a good, happy life. And Loree wants that with Austin, desperately. But she wants his happiness enough to do something selfless...and stupid. I'm just glad justice was done right this time. 

If you want to find out what Loree is hiding, and who the killer is, well you'll have to read this book. Because I cannot spoil. No sirree. I cannot and will not. But I will tell you, this book's focus is on Loree and Austin. And their romance, which as I've said, is achingly beautiful. 

5 glittering stars 

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