Feature Favourite: The Prize by Julie Garwood

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Today I'm sharing another of my favourite books with you, and it's no surprise (to me anyway) that it's a Julie Garwood.

The Prize
Author: Julie Garwood

The Novel: I think this might have been the first Julie Garwood novel I ever read. I adored it. It was a very entertaining read to watch this couple sort out their feeling for one another. Of course, we as readers know they love each other by the time they get to London but they have a harder time figuring that out. Especially Royce who admits to caring for Nicholaa, but can't quite figure out that he's capable of love. It's very amusing actually. As for Nicholaa, she set out trying to trap Royce into doing what she wanted and instead falls in love with him and then feels guilty for choosing him as her "prize". It's a ridiculous situation for a couple to be. It made me laugh that every time Royce tried to talk to her about their marriage, it turned into a lecture because Nicholaa wouldn't pay attention, or he'd wander off the topic because she'd distract him with all sorts of questions. And then she'd end up feeling like he didn't love her when was trying to show her that he did. Royce's character was very appealing. I liked how fierce and gentle he was, and that although Nicholaa infuriated him that he never lost his patience with her. Nicholaa was a stubborn, hot tempered character, but very sweet and I thought they fit nicely together. I had quite a few good laughs while I read this romance, and it left me looking forward to more reads by this author. Which I devoured in short order. 

The author: Julie Garwood grew up in a large family and enjoyed storytelling at a young age. But she didn't
 begin writing until her youngest child had started school. She has penned a great deal of best sellers since 1985, which have been translated into many languages. The themes of her novels are pretty consistent, despite the varying settings and time settings. In a Julie Garwood, the themes of family, loyalty and honour are explored, and you can be sure her books will be sprinkled with a fair amount of humor. When asked if she'll return to writing historical romance, she says while one is not scheduled to be written, that there are a couple of clans she'd like to visit again in Scotland. 

Julie Garwood continues to be one of my favourite authors. I've read her books over and over again. They are as engaging on the second or third read as they are on the first. 

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