Quote It!~11 The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

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I just have to share some quotes with you. Like right now. Yes, right this second. I just read a book that's been on my to read shelf for years now and I was blown away by it. Seriously, seriously blown away. I keep getting taken
 by surprise this year. Every time I pick up a book I've had on the to-read shelf for a while, I get my socks knocked off. Like, literally blown off my feet like a rocket ship blown off.

What book has me so excited you ask? It's The Restorer by Amanda Stevens. I recommend you add it right this very second. 

The writing is wonderful, the setting is haunting (and haunted) and the story is a thriller/mystery that left me itching for more. More about that later. Right now, I want to share quotes with you. It's the reason for this post.

"You are a very strange woman."
"I thought I was practical."
"Strange, stunning and practical." 

He cupped my face and drew me toward him, staring for the longest time into my eyes. I thought that he meant to kiss me and my eyes closed in anticipation. Instead, he moved his thumb slowly back and forth across my bottom lip, exactly the way I had imagined in the restaurant. It was a kiss, hardly even a caress, but no one had ever done anything so sensuous to me in my life. It was as if he'd read my mind that night, discerned my innermost thoughts and desires.

It seemed clear to me now, that this house, this hallowed sanctuary, could protect me from ghosts, but it could not protect me from Devin. 

"You spend far too much time in the company of the dead."

Stayed tuned for my review!

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