Review: Seducing Lauren by Kristen Proby

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Mass Market Paperback325 pages
Published August 19th 2014 
by Pocket Books
Series: Love Under the Big Sky, #2
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

In the second book in the Love Under the Big Sky series from this USA Today bestselling author of the With Me in Seattleseries, life in Montana gets spicy when a woman and her divorce lawyer sign off the papers—and sign on to love.

Now that his best friend, Josh, has happily settled down with his true love on a Montana ranch, small-town lawyer Ty Sullivan starts thinking that maybe single life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And when Lauren Cunningham’s no-good ex-husband comes after her for an unexpected trust fund, Ty steps in to protect her. But soon he can’t help but think of her as more than a client. Lauren’s in no mood to jump into another relationship, so how can Ty convince her that her mistake wasn’t getting married, but marrying the wrong guy?

I absolutely loved this book. It was such great reading. There was a tiny element of suspense as Lauren's ex Jack is a wild card, and clearly has it in for Lauren. And there was big time romance as Ty, our hero, comes right out at the beginning and says he wants Lauren. It was a light, fun read, and one that by the end had in me in tears. 

Lauren is a great character. Playful, smart, strong, I don't think I've ever run across a heroine who has delighted me in quite this way. I loved that she was a romance novelist and that she did the things I've heard so many novelists do--complain about their characters, lose themselves in their work to the point they forget to eat, and even work round the clock to make a deadline. It kinda brought the genre of this book to life in a big way. I loved was that these characters are so crisp and alive. Lauren doesn't back down from Jack, and she embraces Ty's attention with an open mind. And Ty knows how to pay attention to a woman. He's a full package--super hot, sexy smart, sweet and protective, he made for pure romantic reading and I loved that about him. He looks after Lauren and takes care of her--from making sure she gets an under of protection from Jack to getting take out delivered to her home, he is book boyfriend material.
Book Three: Coming January 2015

The pacing was perfect, the sexy was erotic and romantic and fun, and we get to see Cara and Josh again as Lauren learns to let people into her life, people that are good for her like Cara and Ty's sister, Jill. She evens trusts them enough to share her secret--that's she the big time novelist who wrote their favourite erotic romance novels. Throughout the story however, there is the Jack factor. He's threatened Lauren, and we know without a doubt he's dangerous. And he is the center point of conflict for Ty and Lauren, who argue over his threats. I can't really say more without spoiling the story, so I'll just say some of the plot towards the end was enough to horrify me and make me cry. And that the HEA I so wanted was exactly what you'd expect from a hero like Ty: sweet, romantic, fairy tale magic. I was so not disappointed with this novel--it far exceeded my expectations, and I am now eagerly anticipating the third in the series, Falling for Jillian. I loved that we got to see just enough of Jill and Zack in Seducing Lauren that it's left me curious to learn more about them--I suspect they have history, but I'm not sure. I cannot wait to read it.

Kristen Proby has proved to be an author I can turn to for sweet, fun romances and I am glad I discovered her wonderful books.

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