Feature Favourite: The Winter King by C.L Wilson

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So, I've read a book lately that will forever be on my favourites shelf. So I'm here to share a feature favourite with you.

The Winter King
Series: Weathermages of Mystral
Author: C.L Wilson

The Novel: This is the first in the series, and introduces the world of Mystral and the kingdoms of Wintercraig and Summerlea. It's a world of magic that is rich in fantasy. Khamsin, a princess of Summerlea, is forced to marry the conquering king of her kingdom, the Winter King, Wytner who is slowly becoming possessed by the Ice Heart. Despite the fact that this is a political alliance, and one desgined for the purpose of producing an heir to the Winter King's throne, the passion between Khamsin and Wynter burns up the pages of this book. But what each of them really want is the love of the other.

The Series: The author states on her site that this series is a series of standalone fantasty romance novels, so unless it's otherwise indicated in the book listing, each can be read independently of the other. Which is something I'm delighted to hear!

The Author:

C.L Wilson is known for combining epic fantasy with romance, which in my humble opinion, has made for great reading. Her novels have been on the bestsellers list, and she won the 2009 PEARL award for best fantasy romance novel. She's been described as lyrical, and with the detailed world building in The Winter King, it's easy to see why she is critically acclaimed. A winner of various awards, both reader selected and from the industry, Ms. Wilson is one seriously talented writer.

You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be reading more this author. Stay tuned for my full review

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