Review: The Earl I Adore by Erin Knightley

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Le sigh. That's how I felt reading this book. It was everything a good historical romance ought be. Funny, with compelling characters and romantic moments and a happily ever after that is properly earned.

Series: Prelude to a Kiss, #2
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Genre: Historical Romance

I love that this series is rich with music. It seems to be a romantic way to bring characters together, and Ms. Knightley has made music come alive in many moments in this novel. Not to mention, it's original. I don't think I've ever read a historical romance where music has been such a vital part of the plot. Sophie is a great musician. Admittedly, she's worked at her skill, but it's the passion and determination she's put into her music that makes her attractive to Evan. Among other things! Sophie's character is a chatter box, she doesn't always stand on ceremony, and her light hearted ways go a long way to capturing the earl in this romance. I enjoyed reading her thoughts and was amused by her little embarrassments and predicaments in this novel.
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July 7, 2015

Evan was also a character that I loved reading. I knew he had some sort of arrangement with his sister not to marry, but for the life of me I couldn't understand why either of them would make such a promise to one another. Or why any peer would allow his title to pass to a cousin instead of a son. When more sinister things were hinted at, I became even more intrigued especially as it was obvious that Evan was falling in love with Sophie. He might have tried to merely be friends with her, but the man was clearly deluding himself since every single second he spent with her he enjoyed far, far too much for what they had to be considered mere friendship. I kinda liked that he was a dope that way. And I also liked that Evan was, in all senses of the word, a gentleman. He wasn't afraid to admit his mistakes, and he sought to correct them. And his foolish mistake in choosing to let Sophie go at the cost of her reputation and happiness, he certainly corrected most romantically.
I would love to say how he corrected that mistake, and why he and his sister Julia had decided never to marry, but that would just spoil the story for you, and I simply could not do that. But trust me, that scene was devastating. I simply cannot wait for more of this delightful series.

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