Review: Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep

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Series: Elemental Assassin, #4
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Genre: Urban Fantasy

So, another awesome installment to this series. Where to start...I'll start off by saying there was a lot of growth in this book. Gin grows to accept her feelings for Owen, and the fact that he's sticking around. She's really going to take a chance on him, and I'm so happy for her! If that sounds a little silly, considering she's fictional, well that's because I'm a lover of a good romance story. So deal

Now, to get down to the ugly bits. There's always a horrible person Gin has to kill. And I've never been so glad to see a character go down as I was LaFleur. It felt like the prelude to Mab's own bloody demise. But honestly, LaFleur was a terrible person. She was a killer. And I don't just mean an assassin like Gin. I mean the kind of killer who kills because they like to. LaFleur got her jollies by killing, and that really disgusted me.

I'm loving this series more with each book, and now that Mab has the hit on Gin, and that Bria knows Gin is her sister, I'm expecting this series to get more interesting. Especially since Gin's Ice power continues to grow. I mean, I was very worried she was dead meat in this book (well, as much as you can worry about the heroine of the entire series being dead meat) when she took that trip into the river. But what she did with her Ice powers was just amazing. 

What dangers will Gin face next? Who is her next target? The series is leading us to Mab herself, and I'm itching to see how that plays out. But on a more emotional level, I want to see how Bria decides to carry out her relationship with Gin. It's clear she's struggling with what Gin does, but I also see potential for acceptance there. I'm hoping that these two sisters can come back together and really become a family again. 

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