Review: Burying Water by K.A Tucker

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I have to say, the premise of this book sucked me right in. As soon as I saw this book in the bookstore, I had to have it. I remembered falling in love with Ten Tiny Breaths and I knew this novel would be equally as good.

Series: Burying Water, #1
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Delving into this novel proved more difficult. It was so richly told, that parts of the story were hard to read because I had this sense of dread. The shifting back and forth between two narrators and timelines intensified that feeling, and I have to say, was masterfully done by Ms. Tucker. I was with Jesse in every moment, worrying about Alex as he did, and then when Water was building a life for herself, I was with her, and wondering, worrying...what had her husband done? When would Water realize the truth? And what would her reaction be?

So, it was pretty riveting reading. Intense, beautiful, even tragic, this was a novel I did not want to put down because I had an all consuming need to know Water's story, and along with the sense of dread, there was also a sense of hope underlying every word. It was bittersweet, because the life that Water was building was the life she had always wanted, but she just didn't know it. Watching Jesse watch her build that life, and always place her first, made the tale that much more powerful. He placed love above himself, and that made him a true hero in this story.
Book Two

The resolution in a story like Water's might feel contrived, or too convenient, but in this novel, it was logical, seamlessly woven into the plot and fit the characters and circumstances. It made sense for triggers to bring back Water's memory, and it made sense that certain characters ended as they did. My hat goes off to Ms. Tucker for writing a poignant story, rich with life and sorrow, and devising a happily ever after that isn't too fairy tale, but rather exactly as life might unfold.
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