Review: Captured by a Laird by Margaret Mallory

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All right, so I've dying to get started on this series, so I did. Cuz really, who can resist a highlander?? Not me. No way, no how. And I have to say, this was a great start to the series.

Series: The Douglas Legacy, #1
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Genre: Historical Romance

I think what I liked was that this followed the traditional sort of historical romance where the heroine is forced into a marriage with the hero. Alison is completely disregarded by her family, seen as a pawn to use at their convenience, and despite her request that they come to her aid when her castle and home are under siege, they put her off--despite the fact that she's starving. Alison has been used and abused by her family, by her now dead husband, and even by the servants! And she's a lady to boot, so this stuck a thorn in my side. I really wanted Alison to come into her own, and tell everyone to go to hell.

But Alison, like all wonderful heroines, decides she wants more. She might have no choice when it comes to marrying David as her husband--he has after all, kinda conquered her castle and all of that. But she isn't going to take the marriage lying down (seriously, no pun intended) but instead decides that she wants both David's trust, and his love. A tall order? Well, maybe not in the love department since it's clear from the beginning that David is a caring, compassionate man. A strong willed, stubborn man, but a good one. And the sparks between these two are equally obvious. But to demand trust is another matter. David doesn't want to be seen as weak, and he's not sure where Alison's loyalties lie.

We have a decent amount of action and adventure coupled with the love story, a despicable villain (who's also delusional) and all of this nicely leads to a happily ever after that makes you smile. I don't know about you, but I adore highlander romances, and especially those so well executed when it comes to plot, characters and the overall problem and resolution of the story. Just exquisite reading. 

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