What's the Scoop??? Summer is Nearly Here!

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Summer is nearly here! In some places, I'm sure the temps are already spiking high and enjoying the patio weather. But summer for me really starts on Canada Day, and that's just around the corner.

I've had a rough year. I endured the stubborn persistence of plantar fasciitis, a foot condition I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I tried a variety of treatments, saw doctors and who-not and yet, continued to suffer. It totally sucked. And I had to work on all day on my feet. There were some days I actually couldn't walk. And then finally, I started what is called shockwave therapy in conjunction with laser therapy. The kinesiologist who does the treatment told me I'd need ten treatments and then five weeks of healing, and I'm still in the process of this, but after one treatment I felt a HUGE difference. Like night and day. Most of the other pains in my legs that were related to PF were gone. And now are completely gone. I can walk again!  My life is my own again, and I'm no longer dealing with chronic pain and passing up events I would have before because the additional time on my feet would just hurt so much.

So I'm really excited that summer is nearly here. I plan to fully enjoy it. Take a walk. Find a place to sit and read my book. I have other plans too, like going to Mexico, but it seems like I'm going really be fancy free this summer. It's great to be able have something to look forward to after spending so much time wondering if I'd ever have my life back again. But there are some books I'm eagerly waiting upon...

Book Two in the
Weathermages of Mystral series
Coming July 2015
Book Three in the
A Prelude to a Kiss series
Coming July 2015
Book Three in the
An English Bride in Scotland series
Coming July 2015
First in a series!
Coming July 2015

I don't even want to know what might be coming out in August. But I'm eager to get my hands on the above four, each of which looks and sounds delicious. Enjoy your summer everyone. Read some lovely books. I'll be sharing some great reads here with you, but this summer, get outside, take a walk and have some fun.

Happy Reading

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