Review: I Married the Duke by Katherine Ashe

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I adore historical romances. I also tend to really love books published by Avon. This novel sounded fun and right up my alley, and I decided that I simply had to read it. And I was pleasantly surprised. The language is lovely, the story is engaging, and it's not entirely what I expected, but so much better that I was left smiling over this happily ever after.

Series: The Prince Catchers, #1
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Genre: Historical Romance

The language is stylized more formally than the blurb might lead you to expect, but it's appropriate for a period piece, and still makes for easy reading. I quite enjoyed the change. And I think it's crafty use of language that really draws you in as a reader. It sets the tone for the novel, brings the setting to life and gives the character depth and vitality.

Our heroine, Arabella is prim and proper, but she has nerves of steel. She never falters, and I love the way she stands up for herself and for others as well. Luc is the only one who makes her nerves quiver, and he does that in all the right ways because he makes Arabella feel. And that is key to her character because she's not a mere fortune hunter, she is a woman who has decided to believe in a prophecy and to make that smoke and mirrors prediction into her reality. wants what he makes her feel, and seeks it out. Mmmm.
Book 2 in the triology
 She's rather single minded about it, but considering how she was raised, and the things that she was told, her actions make perfect sense. What is admirable about it is how she seeks this fate--to become a princess--with so much integrity. She is a complex character, and the only who can make her heart pound a little harder is Luc. So it was hardly any surprise that when he makes her feel, she fights it. Or that she

And this is where the plot twist comes in, rather unexpectedly. I was not prepared for it. But the story from then forward was faster paced, more about learning to trust in love and to express that love. Both Luc and Arabella had to learn to do that. And both go to great lengths to learn to do so in this novel. It was wonderful seeing them come together, and fight for one another.

I thoroughly enjoyed this romance. Sizzling and romantic, it made for sheer reading pleasure.

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