Review: Come Home to Me by Brenda Novak

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Gee, what to say about this novel. I was hoping for something completely different, I'll start off by saying that. Brenda Novak has once again penned a novel that has stirred up a lot of emotion in me--most of it dread--but I can't say the novel wasn't interesting. Mild spoilers ahead everyone, so read at your own risk. 

Series: Whiskey Creek, #6 
My Rating: .5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Presley is back in town and has turned her life around big time. She is caring for both herself and her young son, and she's doing it on very little money. But she's starting up her own business and determined to make Whiskey Creek her home--and equally determined to avoid her former lover, Aaron. 

I could see why Presley wanted nothing to do with Aaron. He had hurt her in the past, and she didn't believe that he was honestly interested in anything more than a roll in a hay. Even when Aaron pursues her, she figures it's about the great sex, and not really about her. The thing is, while I knew Presley's self confidence was low, and I knew that she didn't trust Aaron as potential life mate, the question when I sat back and really thought about it was why. He was clean from drugs. He wasn't some playboy. He was clearly interested. She was in love with him. So why fall into bed with him but be so unwilling to try again with him? It didn't make a lot of sense. 

But then, much of the novel didn't make sense to me. Aaron discovers that he is the father of Presley's young son, and naturally wants to be involved in his son's life. You'd think Presley would be happy, but she isn't. She keeps trying to push Aaron away, even thought he's equally as interested in her as he is in his son. Instead, she keeps going out with another man, someone she's not remotely interested in. She somehow convinces herself that Aaron is only trying so hard because of their son. Honestly, she was just so stubborn.
Cheyenne and Dylan's Story
Book Two 

But what really bothered me was Cheyenne and Dylan's subplot. I loved their romance, and I thought they were the most solid couple in the series. However, I have serious concerns about what Cheyenne, Presley and Aaron did--all three participated in a deception that I just don't see how any sane, rational person could participate in. It's the reason the book took me over a week to finish! I kept thinking it wouldn't happen. That Cheyenne would come to her senses. That Aaron would back out of the arrangement. That it. Just. Would. Not. Happen. Romancelandia gave me a smack in the face however, and I am displeased. And just confused as to the unrealistic turn of events the series took. 

All in all, I am glad that Aaron and Presley got a decent amount of page time. Yes, it took them way too long to really get together, and Presley was way too stubborn about giving Aaron a second chance, but I can at least understand the attraction between them, the obstacles. And that pretty much sums up this review. This reader is shocked, and disappointed with how events unfolded--both in the main plot and especially that subplot. I hope the next Whiskey Creek is more romantic. 

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