Quote It!~20 Untouched by Maisey Yates

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I just finished up a book that had some delicious writing and I had to share the quotes that grabbed me most. That book was Untouched by Maisey Yates, an author I stumbled on a couple of years ago but haven't read in a while. I've always loved her writing style and this quick and sizzling cowboy read was fun and sweet and just knocked my socks off at times. I'll tell you more about this later in my review, and just share the quotes that I'm here to share today. Hope you enjoy them!

...she was so soft. Like silk to the touch, and warm; warm enough that he thought if he pulled her against him, she might be able to transfer some of it to him. Not to his skin, but to somewhere deep inside of him. To places that were always cold.

She smiled, and it was like the sun breaking through the clouds. He didn't deserve that smile. He didn't deserve this moment, or any of the moments that would come after it. But he was going to take them.  Because it was so easy for him to be bad. And it was so hard to be good. 

"I love you Quinn." For a second, those words filled him with a joy that was so big, so terrible, he thought it would crush his insides. And on the heels of the joy came the hard, cold bite of reality. She was perfect for him, beaus she had so much to take. Because she was beautiful, lovely inside an out, unlike anyone else he'd ever known. Because she looked at him and saw a man with nothing as worth something. Because she tried to see beyond the bad that had been born into him. 

Like I said dear readers, it's delicious. Gave me shivers. Stay tuned for my full review!

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