Review: What You Need by Lorelei James

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Recently a new Lorelei James book came out, and I decided to return to this author and see what her new series was all about. The cover and blurb excited me, so I was definitely thinking that I would love this novel. And the characters of Lennox and Brady were very different than others penned by the author, so I was immediately drawn into the story.

Series: Need You, #1
My Rating: 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Those of you that are fans of Lorelei James know that she usually writes erotic romance. I'll be honest and say that sometimes I don't find erotic romance as compelling as other genres. Personal preference, but I don't shy away from the genre either and Lorelei James is a great erotic romance author. This was not an erotic romance, but I wasn't expecting it to be. The first half of the novel I was impressed by the sassy and smart Lennox. She wasn't afraid to stand up to Brady, and she had had a rough life but was building herself a promising career. I liked her character, she was solid, even willing to take a chance on Brady, who is kinda her boss.

And I liked Brady too, because he was something of a geek even if he was a hot one, and he had insecurities. He wasn't your usual controlling exec that liked control, but it was obvious he was no prude and that he wasn't afraid to let Lennox know exactly what he wanted. And yet, he takes it slow with her, which I also liked. He was kinda a complex character that way.
Book 2, coming August 2016

And then, about halfway through the novel, after they started seeing each other seriously, the story began to drag for me. Don't ask why, but suddenly it was falling kinda flat. I figured it'd pick up, but it became all too apparent that it wasn't going to, at least not for this reader. The story and the relationship had  no real problems. There were some bumps in the road which were easily smoothed over, and the heat and intensity I'd been expecting sputtered out and then the story seemed to end. So, sadly I was left disappointed. The book had heart warming moments and I'm sure many will enjoy this novel as it was well written but I wanted more intensity from this passionate couple, more emotional connection to them, and that simply wasn't there.

If you're in the mood for a lighter, sweet romance this will fit the bill.

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