Review: Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

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I haven't read anything quite like Clean Sweep in while. It's unusual to run into a novel that is so original that the only word you can find to describe it is original. Clean Sweep is such a novel. I wasn't expecting to delve into a world that had monsters and aliens and magic, but that's what I got and I loved that the blend was so fluid.

Series: Innkeeper Chronicles, #1
My Rating:
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Dina isn't your usual kick ass urban fantasy heroine. She's a simple inn keeper. As simple as you can be when your inn caters to supernatural guests and the inn itself is kinda alive. She's trying to raise the status of her inn, and the supernatural monsters that have suddenly infested her neighbourhood place Dina in a bit of an awkward spot, compelling her to become involved in a monster hunt of sorts.

I liked this book. I liked the way Dina took matters into her own hands, how decisive she is with Sean and her guests, and how determined she is to raise the status of her inn and discover what happened to her own parents. She's a reserved character, and I'm fascinated by her. I can't wait to find out more about her in this series. I also liked that the werewolf and vampire in this story were both interested in Dina, but that the story focused more on discovering the baddies who sent the monster in the first place. I am dying to learn more about Sean and his werewolf heritage, and to see more of the universe through his eyes. I am curious about Dina's other guest and what part she might play in this series.

The writing is very easy to read, the story is a tad quirky but so polished that you are more struck with it's originality than the oddness of aliens and magic and monsters. I adored it. I am so curious about this book that I intend to read the second book as soon as possible. It's not every day you run into a series that is as refreshing, engaging and entertaining as Clean Sweep and I look forward to devouring more from this author.

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