Review: The Fearless Highlander by Amy Jarecki

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I recently won an audiobook from the author on Twitter, and I've just finished listening to this awesome historical romance. Those of you who follow the blog know that I adore historical romance and winning a highlander novel just tickled me pink, so of course I bumped it up to the tops of my listens.

Series: Highland Defender, #1 
My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Historical Romance

I have to mention how well narrated this book was. I loved how Joel Froomkin was able to bring to life the characters so vividly. Colonel Hill sounded rather stuffy, Hugh sounded hot and Charlotte sounded rather quaint. What's interesting is that while she might have been a bit shy and sheltered, she is an admirable character with a backbone and opinions of her own. She's not about to let anyone mold her life and does set out to make her life her own. And Hugh is her choice in a husband.

The novel is sprinkled with a fair amount of adventure and romance and the pace keeps you moving you right along. The author has woven her tale around real historical events but I wasn't bored for a minute and enjoyed the plot a lot. I wasn't expecting the  massacre of Hugh's family, but discovered, thanks to the author's notes, that this was a real historical event, and it's one that shapes the story and romance. I admired Hugh for his bravery and adored him for the depth of emotion that he felt for Charlotte. Parts of this novel were hawt and that's because Hugh is so devoted to Charlotte. Hat off to Amy Jarecki for penning such a passionate and strong hero, and for not making an ass in some way. Sometimes strong heroes come off that way for even part of the novel and Hugh is definitely one hero who never struck me in that light, making this novel that much more enjoyable. I love to be in love with the hero.

If you're in the mood for a great historical romance, or a sexy highlander or a story that is well told and written with polish, then The Fearless Highlander will fit the bill. Entertaining and romantic, this was truly great reading.

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