Review: Kaleidoscope by Kristen Ashley

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I'm continuing on with my series read of Colorado Mountain and I was happy that book six was about Deck. I'd found him compelling in the last novel and was curious to know more. I have to say that I'm happy that some of the books in this series have become more compact. It gives the overall story a more structured feel and that is true for Kaleidoscope as well.

Series: Colorado Mountain, # 6 
My Rating: 4 's
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Right from the beginning of this book, it felt different than others in the series. The characters were neither down on their luck or messed up because of past events. Both Deck and Emme seemed solid, with a history that promised romance. And we got romance with a bit of baggage from the past tucked into this tale. But I had to wonder where things were going because there was the guy, Dane, Emme had dumped for Deck and because he was creepy, not to mention, a felon. I knew he wasn't going to disappear from the plot. And then there was the small fact that Emme did have some messed up stuff in her past, namely that she was kidnapped when she was twelve. She was returned safely to her family, but also now was friends with the man who had kidnapped her.

This was all downplayed as no big deal, and played second stage to the romance that was developing. But naturally it played a bigger part in the story that it seemed it would, which I had suspected. I will say that I enjoyed this novel. I loved that it felt different than the others, and I think it will probably stand out a lot more for me than some of the others when I think back on the series in the months to come. But looking at the book, while I appreciate what the author was trying to do, I think the structure of the story and what was going on with Emme could have been more tightly woven. Because I didn't see Emme as traumatized as it turned out she was, even though the author planted some clues here and there. And when it came to it,  her issues very serious and I found this portion of the story a bit jarring, as though it appeared out of nowhere. So for me, the plot as a whole was great but too loosely structured. Still, I liked that this novel stands out from the others in the series.

Deck as a hero was awesome! He was not a jerky alpha male and for that I'm glad. I'm always saying that when I talk about this series because I have found a few of the heroes way too alpha for my taste passing the sexy protective alpha male into bossy jerk control alpha male which I don't like. So Deck did it for me.

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