What's the Scoop??? Me Time

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I decided to sit down today to write a post with no real idea what I wanted to write about. Always a bad idea. But it's been hard to post reviews lately, to find the time to read even though there are TONS (and I means TONS) of books I want to read, own and am dying to read. But my time lately doesn't really seem to be my own.

I could (and did) write a post about what is keeping me busy. I enjoy a lot of time, some of it is annoying, but bottom line is the day is over before I know it. And sometimes I feel as though I've done very little other than go to work, run an errand or two and cooked and eaten dinner. Where do the hours go? But I looked at my calendar today and by some act of God, it's clear from now till the end of June. Well, pretty clear and the things I already have booked are FUN things so I am not complaining about that. I plan to keep my calendar clear too! Build in that me time.

Me time is important I think. It's great to be busy, but there such a thing as being too busy and I have definitely been that lately. So during my me time I plan to do the following things that I think everyone should consider doing when they have that extra time.

Me Time Things To Do  

1. Read. This one is a no brainer for those of us who love to read. 
2. Get creative. You can do this in any number of ways, a lot of which can be crafty, but you can always get into playing an instrument or building your own website. 
3. Take a walk. Enjoy nature! I've been learning so much about how important it is to be connected to the natural world that I've started looking at the trees around me in a whole new way. 
4. Have a cup of tea. Nothing better than putting up your feet and taking a break. 
5. Re-connect with friends. They're always there, but it's easy to let weeks go by without calling a friend. Get back in touch. 
6. Re-organize your home. You might want to do a drawer or a room at time, but getting things organized and neat the way you like will make your home feel new and even homier. 
7. Cook or bake. A nice home cooked meal with a good wine or a freshly baked treat can do wonders towards making you feel relaxed. 
8. Visit family. Sometimes family is a pain, but few in life will have your back like they do, or know you quite as well. 
9. Give yourself a facial. You've had those products sitting there. Put them to work and pour yourself a glass of wine while you're at it. 
10. Take a bubble bath. This is the ultimate luxury in a lot of ways. Don't wait till you're tired and achy, just indulge one day. 

Just to be clear, these are things I intend to do with my me time. I hope they sound useful and that some help might help you feel more zen, which is why I've included some suggestions and reasoning alongside my list. Ultimately, I believe it's all about what you enjoy, and what will instill that sense of peace and connectedness with your sense of self as sometimes it's easy to forget about nurturing and caring for yourself. Enjoy your me time!

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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