Review: Caleb by Emma Lang

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I love a good western romance, especially the stories in this sizzling series by Emma Lang. They are riveting and I love the characters and their adventures. In the third novel of the series, Benjamin was finally found and taken home and it was a heart warming, moving story as well as a gripping one.

Series: Circle Eight, #3
My Rating: 5 ❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance
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Benjy's story is one that has yet to fully be told. I'm sure that will come in later novels, but I was very happy that he was found and brought home. He's still a young boy, but older in spirit than a boy of ten ought be because of his experiences, and I'm glad he's strong and smart as I'm sure it will help him adjust to living free again.

Benjamin is found quite by chance by his older brother Caleb, and Caleb's romance with Rory, a woman blacksmith is one that will make you laugh and groan. Both of them are stubborn characters, both of them tell the truth a little too baldly--as well as crudely!--and they certainly made this adventure interesting. I liked Rory a lot, she is one of the strongest heroines I've run across in my reading, and I love strong female characters in romance. Strength comes in many forms, but it's nice to see a heroine who can throw around her weight and her opinions the way Rory does.

Caleb is often described as a jackass throughout the novel, and I while he wasn't a hero I fell in love with, he was one I respected and liked a lot. And I thought he and Rory were incredible together, so that made this reader very happy to see this couple end happily ever after. And, I liked seeing Caleb grovel a little too.

A fun read, filled with quick wit you'll find yourself turning the pages to the heartwarming end of this great western romance. I certainly did.

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