Review: His Housekeeper's Christmas Wish by Louise Allen

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I ran across Louise Allen a summer or two ago and I immediately fell in love with her storytelling. So when I had the chance to snatch up one of her series, I was handsy, I'll admit. I needed a lighter read and one in a different setting after the last book I read, and this one fit the ticket.

Series: Lords of Disgrace, #1
My Rating: ❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance
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I've only read a novel or two (I think) set at Christmas time in a historical setting, so I was looking forward to this novel. It was sweet, funny and I loved the hero. Alex is hardly a player as some English lords tend to be, and as the series title might suggest, but he isn't exactly stuffy. I liked that he was a gentleman who wasn't a conformer but made his own way in the world and yet, still knew his duty. A series of ridiculous circumstances throw these two together, and then, the consequences from misunderstanding why Tess is travelling alone with a man throw them together yet again. Alex feels obligated to help Tess. And then comes the letter from his mother.

Here the story really starts to pick up and we come to understand Alex a little more. I really felt for him, and I adored that he wasn't too proud to return home, to be his father's son. And I liked his family, even though I had thought I wouldn't. And I really loved seeing him and Tess fall in love. I was upset by Tess a little, since she is so insistent that she and Alex cannot be together, but I understand her reasoning and I know it comes from a place of deep love. I was glad to see this happily ever after unfold as it was well earned.

A sweet romance, filled with wonderful characters, humor and a budding love set at the most wonderful time of the year, this is one holiday read that brought a smile to my face.

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