What's the Scoop??? It's Almost Christmas

by 12/21/2016 0 comments
The year is winding down--or wrapping up--and I find myself already thinking about 2017. And yet, it's not even Christmas yet. I mean, it's nearly here yes, but that special day hasn't come. And to be honest, this year I've been too busy to enjoy it. It was such a beautiful fall I wasn't ready to go Christmas shopping and to get out my snow pants. I wasn't ready for the cold weather, never mind the snow. But, alas, it's winter and without me really enjoying the season, Christmas is nearly here.

I'm sure I'll enjoy it once it's here here, but for right now I find myself thinking about 2017. What resolutions should I make? Or, more specifically, what reading resolutions should I make? I do know I'm starting to feel like I've read a lot of the same thing lately. It might be a reading slump, but I feel as though I need to more carefully select what I'm reading. So I am giving that some thought.

I'm also thinking of how many books I want to read for next year. I always do the Goodreads challenge and while I kicked my challenge's butt this year, I'm thinking I might set the number just as low again. Just because I want to really look at and select my reads more carefully.

Well, I hope to spend some of the holidays reading a book or two. But I think I'll spend the holidays thinking about what I'd like to 2017 to hold for me. what I'd like to aim for. And something I've gotten away from for far too long is writing, so I'm going to give that creative part of me some thought, time and more from me.

What would you like 2017 to hold? Share in the comments if you wish. I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Reading,

Jewels E


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