What's the Scoop??? Best 5 Reads of 2016

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I haven't finished any of my reads that I've been in the middle of for a while. The holidays have been busy. Filled with friends, family and lots of yummy meals. But little reading, sigh. I will probably have a couple of reviews up within the next week, but sadly failed at getting one more book under my belt before 2016 was out.

So, since I have no reviews to share with you, I thought I would share with you the best of my reads for 2016. After all, out of all the books, some shone more than others and deserve a last hurrah. I read a grand total of 61 books, which was far more than I thought I could get to this year, and I read lots that I absolutely loved. In no particular order, here are my best five reads of the year.

A Long Time gone was a lyrical read and I absolutely loved it. It definitely needs to be on this list. If you are looking for a story that is moving, rich and polished, this is one story that will stay you. I had never read Karen White before this novel, but I have read and will read more by this author.

I'm often against reading books that everyone is reading. The hype is a turn off for me, and I saw the movie for this novel early in the year and then HAD to read the book. Gone Girl is a delicious mess and simply blew me away. I had so many emotions while listening to this book that sometimes I had to pause and just be in that emotion and stew before I could continue listening to the story. It's a brilliant piece of writing.

Amanda Stevens is one writer who can creep you out and The Sinner certainly did that. I am enthralled by this series even as I'm disturbed by certain happenings, and anxious about others and this is one series I intend to re-read in 2017 because I adore not just the story but the writing. It's languid, lyrical and just wonderful. The very words themselves are so beautifully crafted that reading these novels is pure pleasure and this latest one made me shiver.

An Affair in Winter took me by surprise and was both a solid romance and erotic delight to read. This story was moving, sizzlingly hot and I totally loved it. There was something about the clandestine affair, the relationships and societal confines and taboos that made this both intriguing and titillating. The happily ever after was well earned and this novel was a strong start to the series with characters I adored from the first chapters.

I loved the premise of Twelve Days of Christmas and I had so much fun listening to this audiobook. It was a delightful, feel good story, but I loved the characters, the lessons learned and the chemistry between the hero and heroine. A refreshing read that tickled me pink, this is one holiday read I'd love to own and plan to get for myself. This book is light and sparkly and just so much fun.

These were my top five reads for 2016 and I hope that 2017 yields equally awesome reading for me. I hope you'll consider one or two of these for the new year, and no matter what you are reading dear readers, I hope you have a fabulous new year.

Happy Reading,

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