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It's likely been way too long since I last did a Quote It! post. Not that I haven't run across quotes that I love, but life being busy sometimes I just don't have time to write all the posts I'd like to. Which is why for a while now, you've been getting mostly reviews. But I thought there were some quotes in a recent that I simply could not leave unquoted.

I just finished up Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas. And I loved it. I loved the premise, I love the series, I loved the hero and the throw back to previous characters. And now, without further gushing, here are the quotes I loved too. You can read my review soon!
Ravenels, #3

"He learned how to love them without changing them. To let them be what they were meant to be."

"You dazzle me, Pandora. Every beautiful, fascinating, kinetic molecule of you. The night we met, I felt you like an electric shock. Something about you calls to the devil in me..."

"...wouldn't it be dull if ever-after was always happy, with no difficulties or problems to solve? Ever-after is far more interesting than that."

"Your lovemaking," she informed him, "is a gift."

"My dear, I'll be surprised if she doesn't dance a jig. I've just made the match of the year for you!"

This is just a sampling of the goodies this book contains. It made me cry, laugh and blush and I loved the novel for it's depth of emotion and rich storytelling. If you're looking for a great series, you cannot go wrong with The Ravenels.

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