Review: The Dry by Jane Harper

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I recently read a mystery novel that I thought was quite good. It was recommended by several friends, and since I enjoy romantic suspense it didn't take much to convince me to read this novel. And I quite enjoyed it!

Series: Aaron Falk, #1 
My Rating: 4 ❀'s
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
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I had no idea how grisly this novel would be, and I'm glad to say it wasn't too graphic. It is about a murder/suicide, which is grisly, but such a case it usually open and shut. Why something like that happens is not always clear however, and the parents of Luke, the killer of his family before he ended his own life, ask his childhood best friend to poke around to find out if it wasn't someone else who ended the lives of their only son, his wife and son.

Aaron is reluctant, being hated in his old hometown. Although never arrested or charged, most people in the town believe he murdered a local girl when they were both in their teens. He isn't welcome in Kiewarra, and he knows it. He's not a murder detective, his police experience being more a book cooker, and finding financial criminals.  Still, he feels it owes it to Luke's family and starts poking into things. And things don't add up.

I enjoyed how this story unraveled, and I have to say, I wondered if the death of Ellie, wasn't connected to what happened to Luke and his family. I was drawn in from the opening pages and this was certainly a hard novel to put down. I kept wanting to read just one more chapter to see if the characters would unearth answers, but it always seemed as though more questions were being raised.

And how this story ended--I never saw it coming. I was totally surprised. And horrified. Was it a crime of necessity? Of desperation? I don't know. It saddened me terribly though, as much as it stunned me, which gave me something to think about, though I still don't know how I feel about the killer. Sad, disgusted, horrified, and yes, angry. But that emotion pales beside the others as I can't make sense of this crime.

Which means this is one well written, gripping novel that I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who loves a good book.

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