Review: Adored in Autumn by Jess Michaels

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Adored in Autumn was the last novel in the Seasons series by Jess Michaels. I had been looking forward to Felicity's story very much, seeing as her past was filled so much pain and had affected those around her so very much. I had no idea what to expect, and I think I might have expected something a little different...but this novel certainly was a nice wrap up to the series.

Series: Seasons, #4
My Rating: 4 ❀'s
Genre: Historical Romance
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The story centers around finding a coded book that will reveal Felicity's secret. She killed her husband when he was trying to murder her in a fit of rage. And murder her he would have, he was already a very abusive husband. Just reading the one scene he was in was enough to paint his soul as black in my eyes. Felicity's brothers are determined to find the book that contains the secret and destroy it, and to do so they call in the help of a childhood friend and playmate, Asher.

Enter our hero. A son of a lowly servant, now raised in society, but a man who still feels as though he is not enough. That he has a certain place, and although he still has strong feelings for Felicity and it's evident that she has strong feelings for him, he can't see them getting past this plain fact. Never mind that he helps her learn how to trust again--and the main person Felicity needed to learn to trust was herself--he just isn't sure they can break the barriers that stand between them. I have to say, Asher kinda annoyed me with this line of thinking. He was a fair minded, kind man otherwise, and I like how solid a character he was, level headed and gentle, but this stuff about deserving or not deserving drove me a bit insane.

Nevertheless, we have a HEA--with a surprise for Celia and Rosalinde--and I liked the way Felicity stood up to Asher and let him know he was her choice, and fought for them. It was all after he had seen the light, but it was good for Felicity to lay it out there and I liked that.

I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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