New On My Shelf-Formerly Known as Latest Acquisitions

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Hey everyone! Are you excited to see what's new on my shelf? Even though I wasn't reading much in 2018, I was buying a lot of books. Some I shared, and some I read and reviewed, and there are more I'm sharing with you today. Some I bought in 2018, others are brand new! I am definitely back in the reading groove and it's so exciting!

Bookworms like me will totally understand *insert emoji heart, hehe*

I think I ought have mentioned I decided that since 2019 was new, my feature ought get updated too. This feature was one I started last year, which I titled Latest Acquisitions and I decided to give the feature a new look, and renamed it New On My Shelf. So here we go, books new to my shelf!

Let's start with romance. I recently bought Paradise by the wonderful Judith McNaught. It's a contemporary romance and I've only ever read her historicals, so picking this up was a bit of a risk for me as I tend to shy away from contemporaries written by my favourite historical romance authors. I'm always afraid they'll let me know because I just don't love contemporaries as much. BUT so far this book is very good. It started out with the heroine as a young teen and it really reminded me of that awkward phase of my own life. I cannot wait to read more.

I also recently picked up a V.C Andrews novel. I always wanted to read these as a teen, but I thought my mother would flip if I brought home one of her books so I shied away. This novel, House of Secrets is new, so it's not by the author herself but by those carrying on her work. I did read Flowers in the Attic a couple of years ago (maybe more?? Time goes by way too fast) which was by the author and enjoyed it, but the second book in the second made me both uncomfortable and got on my nerves so I decided not to carry on with it. But I thought why not try again? Let's see what this novel brings. Oh, and I did read a few pages and I was getting sucked in so it looks very promising.

On to fiction! My best friend gave me Once Upon a River for Christmas by Diane Setterfield. I loved her novel The Thirteenth Tale and this one sounds soooo good. I cannot wait to read it. It's a big hardcover and I'm sure I will adore the story. Mystery is a new genre to me and this one has mysterious elements so it's win win for sure. 

Obviously I saw the movie and then went straight out and bought the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Because the book is always better. I have not started it yet, but I am dying to read this. It's always the same problem: so much to read, so little time! It's a novel I'm sure to get lost in. I just need to get started. 

That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this edition of New On My Shelf. I can't bring you a book review soon, but I will be sharing something else in the near future so stay tuned. 

Happy Reading, 

Jewels E


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