Review: Wrangled and Tangled by Lorelei James

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Trade Paperback322 pages
Published November 1st 2011 
by Signet Eclipse
ISBN 9780451235145

The West was not so wild for Janie Fitzhugh. Living with her rancher husband, Abe Lawson, in rural Wyoming nearly broke her spirit, so she left. But eight years later, she returns to Muddy Gap to take a job at a new resort. When an unexpected danger arises, Abe seizes the chance to protect Janie and prove he’s a changed man.

Janie’s employer at the Split Rock Ranch and Resort, Renner Jackson, has gotten himself tangled up in a devil’s bargain trying to finish the construction. His new partner’s daughter, Tierney Pratt, is a spoiled daddy’s girl and off-limits–no matter how drop-dead gorgeous she is. But Tierney’s got her own secret reasons for keeping the rough-and-tumble cowboy at a distance.

When things get down and dirty at the resort, Abe and Renner must saddle up and fight to rope in the women they can’t imagine living without...

♥My Thoughts♥

This is book three in the Blacktop Cowboys series. All right, so the above blurb is the blurb on the back of the novel I purchased. There is another synopsis for this novel however. Since the one above is the one on the back of my book, I was expecting something a little different than what I got. I was expecting the story to be more about Abe and Janie and them finding their way back to each other. I was naturally expecting that to be a hot, adventurous journey for them, but I was thinking it'd be more involved than it actually was, and a little more raw. I also wasn't expecting to see as much of Renner and Tierney's storyline as I did, but probably only because the blurb highlights Janie and Abe's first. 

Janie & Abe: Their story starts off very interesting. Janie and Abe are thrown together again when it appears that Janie's stalker might be after her. She stays with Abe because Abe wants to make sure she's safe. They also end up back in the sack together. Even after it's revealed that Janie is in no danger, they continue living and sleeping together. Abe is a changed man, he realizes he made mistakes with Janie in the past, but he's never stopped loving her. He wants her back, but he wants to make sure it's her choice and she understands he's not the same man. He also wants Janie to earn him back in a way because honestly, Janie just up and left him without even trying to fix some of the problems between them. I liked their story but I thought it needed more development. I was disappointed that they didn't get equal page time, it seemed to me Renner and Tierney got more page time and development than Janie and Abe. Bedroom scenes? Hot. Like, seriously, smoking hot. 

Renner & Tierney: I liked both of their characters. Fiesty, stubborn, they made a good match. I wasn't too interested in their story at first because I thought it was a sub-plot more than anything, but as the novel progressed and they got more and more page time, I began to connect with both of these characters. However, while they were both great, I still feel like they could have been better developed. I liked the way both Renner and Tierney handled her father and his efforts to break them up in order to win Tierney back to the company and continue to further use and control his daughter. I loved that Renner knew he was in love with Tierney for ages but wasn't sure if he should tell her considering he was her first relationship. I liked that Tierney goes to extremes with Renner in everything--business, bedroom play, making him pay attention to their problems and her efforts to solve them. She never backs down. And I really admired Renner's integrity. 
And boy, the man was creative in the bedroom. 

I think overall, the novel delivered a story I just wasn't expecting and that threw me for a loop. I did enjoy the novel, but I felt like the blurb led me astray. The writing is fluid, the story is well paced and the characters are decently developed overall. My personal preference would have been to have one couple as the main focus instead of two. But like I said, that's personal preference.  

4 glittering stars

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