Feature Favourite: Written in Red by Anne Bishop

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I have been thinking back over books I've read in the past year or so, and Written in Red stands out as a great read that I will probably read and read again. Once the TBR is defeated. 

Written in Red
Series: The Others
Author: Anne Bishop

I really loved this book. Thinking back, it was the strangeness and yet familiarity of that world that really drew me in. It's clearly our world, and yet, it's not our world. The fact that the heroine is such an oddity to the Others really stood out as well--why do they accept her when humans are food? But Meg is special. It's not just her status as a cassandra sangue that makes her special. It's her very Meg-ness. She's extraordinary--gentle, yet with a fierce determination about that I found fascinating. The Others are also fascinating--they are so not human after all. I really felt that as I read, these were not creatures similar to humans with some other primal needs. They simply were not humans. And they are dangerous, and they are the ones in control of the this world. And the ones sheltering Meg. For it's clear by the end of this book that Meg is very special to the Others. Everything about this book is compelling and totally hooks you.

The Series: The series promises us five books, with the third book releasing early in March 2015. So far, the strangeness of Written in Red is consistent and equally compelling, and I will say the plot thickened in the second book, and I'm expecting will thicken some more in the third, which I am planning on reading in March.

The Author:  

A talented sci-fi/fantasy writer, Anne Bishop began writing as a little girl. She is the winner of the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award for the Black Jewels Trilogy, and in 2013 was the winner of the RT  Book Reviews Career Achievement Award in Science Fiction/Fantasy. She is the author of fourteen novels. Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York and enjoys gardening and music.

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