Review: Falling for Jillian by Kristen Proby

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I really like Kristen Proby. I've read through this series now, and she's proved to be an author that's a lot of fun to read. Her stories are light, sassy and her characters are well developed and believable.

Series: Love Under the Big Sky, #3
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Zack and Jillian both carry a lot of baggage. Zack's got some war issues, but he has also has ex-wife issues. Jillian has horrible mom issues (as in she had a horrible mom) and some ex-husband issues. Baggage people. Lots of it. But that doesn't stop this couple from falling head over heels for each other, and I loved every second of their romance. It was so sweet.

Jillian is sweet and sassy, and just the perfect thing for Zack. I love the way she loves his son, Seth, and how easily the three of them fit together as a family. I loved that she was easy going, independent and totally and always stood up for herself. She was such fun to read.

Zack is over protective and has a big heart. He romances Jillian, and always lets her know that he loves her. I liked that he wasn't one of those heroes who shied away from telling his girl that he loved her. Even when he was an ass (and oh, Zack, you were an mean ass) he stood up to that, and fought for Jillian. He didn't try to tell himself it was better now to be together once his head had cleared. And what I really loved was that he was willing to let Jillian go because she wanted that--or so she thought. Zack was a real stand up guy.

Between the sweet moments, the moments that tore at my heart and the fierceness of these characters, this book really devastated me. I will be reading more by this talented author.

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