What's the Scoop??? The Game Plan

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Hey Everyone!

I decided to write a What's the Scoop today with no real topic in mind. It just felt like that thing to do.

So it's kinda like writing a letter with nothing to really say. Thing is, there's lots going on with me.

I'm pretty much keeping my physiotherapist employed. Nuff said there. I could wax eloquent all day about the injuries, doctors I've seen, things I've tried, but that about sums it up--I keep the man employed.

The only thing that's going on with me is I'm going back to school! One course to help with work. I know, most of you are probably groaning, but since I have fallen in love with my job for the second time in my life, I'm really excited.

What does this mean for the blog? No idea. I hope to keep things as usual. Now that I've escaped cold season *knocking on wood* and now that daylight lasts well into the evening, I'm hoping that none of this will much affect the blog.

So here's my game plan: Go to work. Do some schoolwork for my course. Find some time to eat etc and keep on reading. 

What am I reading these days? Well, that's the big question! I gotta an ARC lined up, and then some books I'm dying to get to. Namely,
Third in The Others series

Which I want to start today. Like no word of lie folks. It's gonna happen. And also,
Book Three in the Irin Chronicles
This third book will conclude the series and honestly, I might stand up my other reads for this one. Cuz this is series is amazing. Mesmerizing. Freaking fantastic. Gush worthy in a BIG way.

Ahem. I'll demonstarte some self control now, but seriously people read this series!!!

Happy Reading

Jewels E


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